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9 Vision Board Ideas That Will Make Your Dreams Come True

9 Vision Board Ideas That Will Make Your Dreams Come True
by Skyler Stack on April 04, 2020

Creating a vision board is a powerful tool for attracting your dream life. But it's not always easy to know where to start. Here are 9 vision board ideas that will make your dreams come true.

1. Yearly Vision Board

Yearly Vision Board Ideas

Only 4% of Americans keep their New Years Resolutions, and 80% give up "New Year, New Me" by February.

Why? Success coach Tony Robbins says that most people don't revisit their goals enough to make them a reality. He says that most people only check in with their yearly goals come November and December, far too late to make progress.

Yearly goals require revisiting. So, if you have goals for your year, create a vision board for it! You'll be able to stay present with your goals, feel them as if they were achieved, and manifest them in your life.

2. Career Vision Board

Career Vision Board Ideas

What do you want out of your career? 

Building a career board can be a powerful attraction tool in your life. Start first by imagining what you want to achieve in your career. Find images that resonate with where you want to be, not where you are right now. Pepper in some quotes about the hustle, and make sure to include pictures of all the nice things you want in your life in exchange for the abundance you provide in your work life!

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3. Relationship Vision Board

Relationship Vision Board Ideas

We all want that dream relationship. Like Ryan Goesling giving up his bad-boy persona to chase after Emma Stone in Crazy, Stupid, Love. Or Ben Affleck coming to the rescue after Jennifer Aniston's dad had a heart attack at the end of He's Just Not That Into You

The best way to attract your dream relationship is to become clear on it. Whether you're single or taken, creating a vision board of the type of love you want in your life is powerful. Use these prompts to help choose images and quotes for your board.

  • What is your soulmate like?
  • Where would you like them to take you?
  • What types of things would you do together?
  • How do you want to feel in your dream relationship? 

Begin creating your dream relationship board and watch it come to life!

4. Travel Vision Board

Travel Vision Board Ideas

If you have wanderlust, you need a travel vision board! Use photos of all of the places you want to go to and the experiences you want to have. The Universe knows your desires when you make them extremely clear, so be detailed here!

Flower baths in Bali? Consider it done. Roadtripping across the Pacific Northwest? It's on its way. Staying in a hostel outside Mykonos, Greece? Of course.

Be sure to include some travel quotes to inspire your journey! 

5. Health Vision Board

Health Vision Board Ideas

What could you accomplish if you had more energy in the day? How would you feel if you had your DREAM body, taught a yoga class, or started every day with a green juice?

Start manifesting your perfect healthy lifestyle with a health vision board! Bring in pictures of your ideal diet, exercise, body. List the activities you want to do, the classes you want to take, and the energy in your body that you want to feel. To seal it up, make sure to include motivating quotes and affirmations that will make you feel what it's like to live your ultimate healthy lifestyle.

6. Family Vision Board

Family Vision Board Ideas

Vision boards are not just for yourself or your relationship, but for your family too! 

If you are just starting a family, create a baby vision board with all of the heartwarming photos of cute nurseries, clothes, and accessories. Pepper in some quotes about love, families, and little feet!

If you already have a family, and your children are old enough to have their own wants and goals, create a family vision board together! Ask your child what they want. Then, help them find a picture that represents their desires to put on a family vision board. Place your own loving affirmations and sayings you want your family to live by, then hang the vision board where your entire family can see it!

7. Business Vision Board

Business Vision Board Ideas

Starting a new business? You better be manifesting success!

Find images that speak to your business goals and aspirations--a new camera, a dream client, or a sold-out event, for example. Place numbers for revenue and social media followers too. Lastly, find some inspiring quotes or pictures of entrepreneurs you admire to complete your perfect business vision board!

8. Mindset Business Board

Mindset Vision Board Ideas

All of our subconscious minds need an upgrade. Why not create a vision board full of affirmations to take you to your higher self?

Take quotes from books you love or people you aspire to be like. Spend 10 minutes every morning after you wake up and 10 minutes every night before you go to bed to review your quotes, as sleep is the most important time to change your subconscious. Within 30 days, you will feel like a new person!

9. Wedding Vision Board

Wedding Vision Board Ideas

If you're planning your dream wedding, put all of your inspiration in one place with a wedding vision board! Visualize your wedding's colors, aesthetic, decorations, and of course, the rings and cake! Place photos of you and your fiancee, and some quotes that remind you why you feel blessed to be marrying that person.

 Those are our nine vision board ideas to make your dreams come true! If you have additional ideas for vision boards, let us know in the comments! Happy manifesting!

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Make a Real Vision Board In 15 Minutes

You can now design a printed vision board and have it shipped to your home!
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